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Physicians prescribe adrenaline autoinjectors, do parents use them when needed?

S. Esenboga, M. Ocak, P.G. Cetinkaya, U.M. Sahiner, O. Soyer, B. Buyuktiryaki, B.E. Sekerel
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Dissecting the localization of lipopolysaccharide-responsive and beige-like anchor protein (LRBA) in the endomembrane system

Catalina Martinez-Jaramillo, Claudia M. Trujillo-Vargas
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Page 8-17

Staining of antinuclear antibodies and antibodies against removable nuclear antigens in connective tissue diseases

José Enrique Oliva Menacho, Jorge Luis Arroyo-Acevedo, José Arturo Oliva-Candela, Marco Antonio García-Hjarles, Lester Domínguez-Huarcaya
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Effect of acid and in vitro digestion on conformation and IgE-binding capacity of major oyster allergen Cra g 1 (tropomyosin)

Jiangtao Zhang, Wenying Liu, Lei Fang, Ruizeng Gu, Jun Lu, Guoming Li
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Asthma prevalence, but not allergic rhinitis nor atopic dermatitis, is associated to exposure to dogs in adolescents

Jaime Morales-Romero, Tonantzin Isis Bedolla-Pulido, Tonatiuh Ramses Bedolla-Pulido, Norma Angélica Pulido-Guillén, Martín Bedolla-Barajas, Rodrigo Padilla-Padilla, J. Jesús Pérez-Molina, Luis Gustavo Orozco-Alatorre
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The relationship between second-hand smoke and wheezing in infants from Córdoba, Argentina

A. Teijeiro, M.N. Cuello, M.G. Raiden, R.E. Vieyra, D. Solé, P. Ellwood, R.M. Gomez
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The utility of TNF-α, IL-6 and IL-10 in the diagnosis and/or follow-up food allergy

M. Kara, O.F. Beser, D. Konukoglu, H. Cokugras, T. Erkan, T. Kutlu, F.C. Cokugras
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Page 48-55

Direct medical costs of RSV-related bronchiolitis hospitalizations in a middle-income tropical country

C.E. Rodriguez-Martinez, M.P. Sossa-Briceno, J.A. Castro-Rodriguez
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Interleukin-23 receptor gene polymorphisms in Iranian patients with juvenile systemic lupus erythematosus

A. Rezaei, S. Harsini, M. Sadr, V. Ziaee, N. Rezaei
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Glycoprotein A (GARP) in children who outgrow food allergy

Katarzyna Woicka-Kolejwa, Joanna Jerzynska, Pawel Majak, Agnieszka Koniarek, Iwona Stelmach
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Page 67-72

Prevalence of and factors associated with underdiagnosis of pediatric asthma in Batumi, Georgia

J.E. Zejda, V. Beridze, T. Bakhtadze, S. Beridze, L. Abuladze, N. Partenadze, J. Lawson
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Page 73-77

Frequency and clinical features of pollen-food syndrome in children

H. Guvenir, E. Dibek Misirlioglu, B. Buyuktiryaki , M.M. Zabun, M. Capanoglu, M. Toyran, E. Civelek, C.N. Kocabas
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Page 78-83

Associations between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels and allergic sensitization in early childhood

Y. Guo, L. Yu, Y.-H. Deng, H.-J. Ke, J.-L. Wu
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Page 84-89

The level of allergens in dust samples collected from selected schools in Shiraz, Iran and its asthma-risk implications

M. Moghtaderi, M.A. Ashraf, S.H. Teshnizi, H. Nabavizadeh, S. Farjadian, M. Fereidouni
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Review Article

Effects of probiotics in the treatment of food hypersensitivity in children: a systematic review

Stephanie Campos dos Santos, Tulio Konstantyner, Renata Rodrigues Cocco
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Page 95-104