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Allergologia et Immunopathologia is a forum for those working in the field of asthma, allergy and immunology. Allergologia et Immunopathologia is the official journal of the Spanish Society of Pediatric Allergy and Clinical Immunology (SEICAP) and also of the Latin American Society of Immunodeficiencies (LASID).

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Current Issue

Vol. 50 No. 4 (2022): AI

Published: 2022-07-01

Case Report

Clinical and immunological assessment of APDS2 with features of the SHORT syndrome related to a novel mutation in PIK3R1 with reduced penetrance

Aleksandra Szczawińska-Popłonyk, Katarzyna Bernat-Sitarz, Eyal Schwartzmann, Michał Piechota, Magdalena Badura-Stronka
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Page 1-9

Original Articles

Demographic and clinical characterization of pediatric group patients with inborn errors of the immune system in a Colombian tertiary hospital

Manuela Olaya, Daniela Cleves, Tania Guzmán, Laura Torres-Canchala, Harry Pachajoa, Diego Medina-Valencia, Jaime Patiño, José David Gómez, Paola Pérez
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Page 17-22

Risk taking and self-care behaviours amongst adolescents and young adults with food allergies

Hannah Keohane, Caoimhe Cronin, Juan Trujillo
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Page 31-49

Diagnosis of primary immunodeficiency diseases in pediatric patients hospitalized for recurrent, severe, or unusual infections

Serdar Nepesov, Sinem Firtina, Fatma Deniz Aygun, Nihan Burtenece, Haluk Cokugras, Yildiz Camcioglu
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Page 50-56

JNJ0966 inhibits PDGF-BB-induced airway smooth muscle cell proliferation and extracellular matrix production by regulating MMP-9

Yingying Zhang, Fan Yao, Zhihua Qin
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Page 57-63

CITED2 alleviates lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation and pyroptosis in - human lung fibroblast by inhibition of NF-κB pathway

Xuzhong Zhang, Wei Chen, Wei Liu, Donge Li, Wei Shen
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Page 64-70

6'-O-galloylpaeoniflorin alleviates inflammation and oxidative stress in pediatric pneumonia through activating Nrf2 activation

Cheng Xu, Lei Song, Weiyan Zhang, Rong Zou, Meijun Zhu
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Page 71-76

Experiences and attitudes of parents of children with cow’s milk and other food-allergy

Tuba Karakurt, Hayrunnisa Bekis Bozkurt, Fatih Kaplan, Anıl Akşit, Özlem Cavkaytar, Erdem Topal, Mustafa Arga
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Page 77-82

COmparisoN of TastES of Available NutriTional integrated or non-integrated formulas for infants older than 1 year of age with cow’s milk allergy: A multicenter, prospective, single blind, cross-sectional observational clinical study (CONTEST Study)

Derya Ufuk Altıntas, Ipek Turktas, Mustafa Arga, Haluk Cezmi Cokugras, Ersoy Civelek, Ozlem Keskin, Betul Buyuktiryaki, Deniz Ertem, Metin Aydogan, Cıgdem Omur Ecevit, Yesim Ozturk, Zeynep Tamay, Esra Yucel, Gonul Caltepe, Omer Faruk Beser, Nermin Guler
Abstract 318 | PDF Downloads 179 HTML Downloads 48 XML Downloads 5

Page 97-104

Conditioned medium from the bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells modulates immune response via signal transduction and activator of transcription 6 signaling pathway in an allergic rhinitis mouse model

Wentao Zou, Pei Zou, Jiaxiong Zhang, Xiaojing Cai, Xueying Mao, Guangpeng Liu
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Page 105-114

Sevoflurane ameliorates LPS-induced inflammatory injury of HK-2 cells through Sirtuin1/NF-κB pathway

Peipei Wang, Ping Wang, Miaomiao Yin, Shuo Wang
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Page 115-123

Barrier proteins and eosinophilic esophagitis in children: the role of E-cadherin and filaggrin

Erica Rezende, Mariza Faria, Ignez Candelori, Juliana S Daud, Flavia A Alves, Jair Cunha Junior, Gesmar Silva Segundo
Abstract 277 | PDF Downloads 194 HTML Downloads 40 XML Downloads 5

Page 124-128

Application of the diagnostic criteria for Common Variable Immunodeficiency in resource-limited settings

Jesús A. Álvarez-Álvarez, Alejandro Gallon Duque, Estefanía Vásquez-Echeverri, Isaura P. Sánchez, Sebastián Gutierrez Hincapié, Rubén D. Gómez-Arias, Julio C. Orrego Arango, José L. Franco, Claudia M. Trujillo-Vargas
Abstract 257 | PDF Downloads 166 HTML Downloads 43 XML Downloads 6

Page 129-136

Correlation analysis of TGF-β1, MMP-9, TIMP-1, IL-1, IL-4, IL-6, IL-17, and TNF-α in refractory chronic rhinosinusitis: A retrospective study

Wulin Wen, Simin Zhu, Ruixia Ma, Lixin Wang, Xueliang Shen, Yongchun Li, Ningyu Feng, Le Wang, Ming Liu, Lina Xie, Xueqiang Zhang
Abstract 299 | PDF Downloads 158 HTML Downloads 42 XML Downloads 4

Page 137-142

Immunological differences between atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and their combination in adult patients

Magdalena Krupka-Olek, Andrzej Bozek, Milena Drewienkowska, Krzysztof Dryjka, Agata Medrala
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Page 143-146

RAB11A aggravates PDGF-BB-stimulated proliferation, migration, and inflammation of airway smooth muscle cells via affecting the NF-κB and PI3K/AKT pathways

Ying Gong, Yunhai Hu, Jianqiong Huang, Haibo Wang
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Page 147-154

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