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Allergologia et Immunopathologia

Allergologia et Immunopathologia is a forum for those working in the field of asthma, allergy and immunology. Allergologia et Immunopathologia is the official journal of the Spanish Society of Pediatric Allergy and Clinical Immunology (SEICAP) and also of the Latin American Society of Immunodeficiencies (LASID).

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Current Issue

Vol. 49 No. 6 (2021): AI

Published: 2021-11-03

Original Articles

Experience of Autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases in a Turkish pediatric cohort with primary immunodeficiencies

Dilek Özcan, Mahir Serbes, Rabia Miray Kışla Ekinci, Sibel Balcı Çetinkaya, Ayşe Şenay Şaşihüseyinoğlu, Atıl Bişgin, Derya Ufuk Altıntaş
Abstract 167 | PDF Downloads 109 HTML Downloads 31 XML Downloads 11

Page 1-7

SEMA3A protects against hyperoxia-induced lung injury in a bronchopulmonary dysplasia model of newborn rat by inhibiting ERK pathway

Zhenyu Liang, Xiao Zhang, Yingxian Liu, Qianmei Wu, Chuming You
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Page 8-15

Perturbation of monocyte subsets in iron-deficient children – a shift to a pro-inflammatory state?

Nimisha Dhankar, Richa Gupta, Shyam Lata Jain, Shramana Mandal, Beauty Sarkar
Abstract 196 | PDF Downloads 43 HTML Downloads 4 XML Downloads 3

Page 42-47

Effects of the affinity to the Mediterranean diet pattern together with breastfeeding on the incidence of childhood asthma and other inflammatory and recurrent diseases

Fernando M. Calatayud-Sáez, Blanca Calatayud, Monica Luque, Ana Calatayud, JG Gallego, Francisco Rivas-Ruiz
Abstract 136 | PDF Downloads 97 HTML Downloads 3 XML Downloads 1

Page 48-55

Transient increased immunoglobulin levels in a hyper-IgM syndrome patient with COVID-19 infection

Molood Safarirad, Ali Abbaszadeh Ganji, Farzad Nazari, Reza Yazdani, Hassan Abolhassani, Ahmad Vosughi Motlagh
Abstract 171 | PDF Downloads 169 HTML Downloads 13 XML Downloads 50

Page 63-66

Mosquito hypersensitivity may be associated with atopic background in children

Süleyman Tolga Yavuz, Onur Akin, Ozan Koc, Ali Güngör, Ahmet Bolat, Mustafa Gülec
Abstract 139 | PDF Downloads 97 HTML Downloads 4 XML Downloads 3

Page 67-72

Bruceine D ameliorates the balance of Th1/Th2 in a mouse model of ovalbumin-induced allergic asthma via inhibiting the NOTCH pathway

Ying Nie, Bangkun Yang, Junfeng Hu, Lingling Zhang, Zhimin Ma
Abstract 145 | PDF Downloads 114 HTML Downloads 12 XML Downloads 1

Page 73-79

MiR-224 ameliorates inflammation and symptoms in mouse model of allergic rhinitis by targeting CDK9

Sang Wang, Lei Wang, Hua Hu, Pin Dong
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Page 80-88

Research Article

Study on the molecular mechanism of Guizhi Jia Shaoyao decoction for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis by utilizing network pharmacology and molecular docking technology

Pin Deng, Huan Liang, Kunming Xie; Jinglu Han; Fasen Huang, Huanyu Liu, Hanjie Zhu, Zhichao Huang, Qiong Wu, Jingwei Tao, Lan Li, Zhaojun Chen
Abstract 194 | PDF Downloads 124 HTML Downloads 11 XML Downloads 4

Page 16-30

Review Article

A review of aeropalynology research in Nigeria: implication on public health and environmental research collaboration

Linus Bashie Ajikah, Olugbenga Shadrak Alebiosu, Emuobosa Akpo Orijemie, Dough Onah
Abstract 180 | PDF Downloads 75 HTML Downloads 3 XML Downloads 6

Page 31-38

Practical protocol of the food allergy committee of the seicap on open oral food challenges to nuts

Cristina Blasco Valero, Ángela Claver Monzón, Natalia Molini Menchón, Antonio Martorell, Aragonés, Carlos García Magán, Sara Pereiro Fernández, Celia Pinto Fernández, Mónica Piquer Gibert, Ana Prieto del Prado, Laura Valdesoiro Navarrete, Marta Vázquez Ortiz, Luis Echeverría Zudaire
Abstract 110 | PDF Downloads 85 HTML Downloads 14 XML Downloads 3

Case Report

An unusual case of food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome due to zucchini

Alberto García de la Fuente, Victoria Fuentes-Aparicio, Sonsoles Infante
Abstract 108 | PDF Downloads 58 HTML Downloads 6 XML Downloads 11

Page 39-41

Short Communication

Does the reaction size of skin prick test associated with the allergic rhinitis symptom severity?

Sedigheh Madani, Fariborz Zandieh, Maryam Ahmadi, Maryam Parvizi, Nima Rezaei
Abstract 153 | PDF Downloads 85 HTML Downloads 16 XML Downloads 3

Page 60-62

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