Original opinions and interpretation of current data or hypothesis on different topics related to asthma, allergy, or clinical immunology are included in this section, which does not have any fixed structure and need not include tables or figures. The maximum number of words is 2,000 and of references, 15. Points of view are usually requested by the editorial board, but voluntary contributions will be welcomed and considered.



Allergologia et Immunopathologia will publish articles on specific topics that could be of help for the clinicians either for their practice or for their research. Articles that are related to the same topic will be grouped under a specific series. Those articles will not necessarily be published consecutively. Articles in this section should not have more than 3000 words, 4 tables and/or figures, and 15 references. These articles do not have any specific structure. Although the Editorial Board will usually request those series from specific authors, ideas and contributions to this section are welcomed.



Cases showing exceptional interest or short research reports will be considered for this section. The manuscript must have the following parts: Introduction, Methods, Results or Case Report, and Discussion. The text is limited to a maximum of 1,500 words, not including legends and references. Up to 2 figures or tables will be accepted. References are limited to a maximum of 5. Figures and tables should be displayed as in the Original Articles section.



Only letters related to articles published in the journal will be considered. The letter will be sent to the author of the article, who will have 4 weeks in which to answer. Letters should contain fewer than 700 words and must contain no more than 5 references. After the publication of the reply, no further correspondence will be accepted.