Hospital admissions for urticaria in a pediatric emergency department of a tertiary care hospital

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Inês Filipa da Costa Farinha
Helena Sofia Pires Aguiar Pereira
Sónia Cristina Gaspar de Lemos
Emília Maria Antunes Gomes de Faria
Fernanda Maria Pereira Rodrigues


acute urticaria, chronic urticaria, emergency department, pediatric age, urticaria


Background: Urticaria is a common disorder, estimated to affect 2.1 to 6.7% of children and adolescents, and is a frequent cause of emergency department (ED) admissions.

Methods: The aim of this study was to retrospectively characterize the clinical features of children and adolescents with a diagnosis of urticaria, evaluated in a tertiary care pediatric ED between 2015 and 2019. Statistical analysis was performed using IBM SPSS Statistics®, version 27.0.

Results: A total of 2254 episodes of urticaria were counted with 98.1% corresponding to acute urticaria (AU). A suspected trigger factor was identified in 51.6% of the episodes, namely infections (27.8%), drugs (9.9%) and food (7.6%). From these episodes, excluding infections, only 59.2% were referred to an Allergy Consultation for further study, with only 18.8% (drug) and 28.3% (food) confirmed as the AU trigger. Of the 43 episodes of chronic urticaria (CU), 79% were referred to consultation, with 23 being diagnosed with chronic spontaneous urticaria, 8 with inducible urticaria and 3 with both entities. Older age (p < 0.001), personal history of atopy (p = 0.019) and angioedema (p = 0.003) were factors associated with CU, while the presence of other accompanying symptoms (p = 0.007) was associated with AU. Older age (OR = 1.2; p < 0.001) and the presence of angioedema (OR = 2.7; p = 0.007) were identified as independent factors for CU.

Conclusion: The majority of episodes corresponded to AU. Infections were the main suspected trigger, followed by drugs and food, with an overall confirmation rate ranging from 18 to 30%, highlighting the importance of an allergologic follow-up evaluation.

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