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Adherence to the Mediterranean diet and inflammatory markers in children with asthma

Konstantinos Douros, Maria-Ioanna Thanopoulou, Barbara Boutopoulou, Anna Papadopoulou, Anastassios Papadimitriou, Andrew Fretzayas, Kostas N. Priftis
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Page 209-213

Taurine administration prevents the intestine from the damage induced by beta-lactoglobulin sensitization in a murine model of food allergy

S. Aïnad-Tabet, H. Grar, A. Haddi, H. Negaoui, A. Guermat, O. Kheroua, D. Saïdi
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Page 214-220

Cooking influence in tolerance acquisition in egg-induced acute food protein enterocolitis syndrome*

S. Miceli Sopo, A. Romano, G. Bersani, C. Fantacci, L. Badina, G. Longo, G. Monti, S. Viola, S. Tripodi, G. Barilaro, I.D. Iacono, C. Caffarelli, C. Mastrorilli, S. Barni, F. Mori, L. Liotti, B. Cuomo, F. Franceschini, D. Viggiano, S. Monaco
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Page 221-226

Th17 cells in Bulgarian children with chronic obstructive lung diseases

T. Velikova, S. Lazova, P. Perenovska, K. Tumangelova-Yuzeir, D. Miteva, P. Velikov, E. Ivanova-Todorova, D. Kyurkchiev, G. Petrova
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Correlation of OX40 ligand on B cells with serum total IgE and IL-4 levels by CD4+ T cells in allergic rhinitis

S. Fouladi, M. Masjedi, M. G. Hakemi, R. Ghasemi, N. Eskandari
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Thrombin lag time is increased in children with mild asthma*

B.T. Koksal, I. Eker, N.Y. Ozbek, I. Dogan, O. Y. Ozbek
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Self-reported hypersensitivity and allergy to foods amongst Mexican adolescents: Prevalence and associated factors

T.R. Bedolla-Pulido, M. Bedolla-Barajas, J. Morales-Romero, T.I. Bedolla-Pulido, M.V. Domínguez-García, D.D. Hernández-Colín, M.V. Flores-Merino
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Headache deteriorates the quality of life in children with chronic spontaneous urticaria*

S. Filiz, M.G. Kutluk, D.F.K. Uygun
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Evidence for respiratory viruses interactions in asymptomatic preschool-aged children

K. Douros, D. Kotzia, C. Kottaridi, A. Giotas, B. Boutopoulou, E. Bozas, V. Matziou, K. Priftis, V. Papaevangelou
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Page 260-264

The efficiency of the symptom-based score in infants diagnosed with cow’s milk protein and hen’s egg allergy

Seda Sirin Kose, G. Atakul, S. Asilsoy, N. Uzuner, O. Anal, O. Karaman
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Page 265-271

IgE-mediated allergic responses associated to Ailanthus altissima pollen using an animal model

F. Mousavi, G.A. Kardar, Z. Pourpak
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Predictive value of the number of adverse reaction episodes for the IgE-mediated food allergy diagnosis

S. Miceli Sopo, G. Gurnari, S. Monaco, A. Romano, L. Liotti, B. Cuomo, I. Dello Iacono, L. Badina, G. Longo, M. Calvani, A. Giannone, C. Calabrò, G. Scala, M.C. Verga
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Page 277-281

Treatment, outcomes and costs of asthma exacerbations in Chilean children: a prospective multicenter observational study

A. M. Herrera, P. Brand, G. Cavada, A. Koppmann, M. Rivas, J. Mackenney, H. Sepúlveda, M.E. Wevar, L. Cruzat, S. Soto, M.A. Pérez, A. León, I. Contreras, C. Alvarez, B. Walker, C. Flores, V. Lezana, C. Garrido, M.E. Herrera, A. Rojas, C. Andrades, E. Chala, R.A. Martínez, M. Vega, J.A. Perillán, H. Seguel, I. Przybyzsweski
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Luis Garcia-Marcos
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Letter to Editor

The clinical relevance of molecular diagnosis in children allergic to grass pollen and treated with allergen immunotherapy

S. Barberi, G. Traina, M. Landi, G. De Castro, D. Peroni, A. Licari, G. Marseglia, G. Ciprandi
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Page 309-310

Review Article

Impulse oscillometry in the assessment of children’s lung function

P.P. de Oliveira Jorge, J.H.P. de Lima, D.C. Chong e Silva, D. Medeiros, D. Solé, G.F. Wandalsen
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Page 295-302

What do we know about cancer immunotherapy? Long-term survival and immune-related adverse events

Jesus Miranda Poma, Lorena Ostios Garcia, Julia Villamayor Sanchez, Gabriele D’errico
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Page 303-308

Asthma, exercise and metabolic dysregulation in paediatrics

Manlio Milanese, Emanuele Miraglia del Giudice, Diego G. Peroni
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Page 289-294