Published: 2022-05-01

Original Articles

Long-term outcome of omalizumab-assisted desensitisation to cow’s milk and eggs in patients refractory to conventional oral immunotherapy: real-life study

Roser Ayats-Vidal, Silvia Riera-Rubió, Laura Valdesoiro-Navarrete, Miguel García-González, Helena Larramona-Carrera, Oscar Asensio-De la Cruz, Montserrat Bosque-García
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Page 1-7

Primary care experience on Stimunex® gocce in children with recurrent respiratory infections: a real-world study during the COVID-19 pandemic era

Alessandro Giannattasio, Elena Poggi, Gianfranco Trapani, Cosimo Muia, Luisella Zanino, Massimo Landi, Giorgio Ciprandi
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Therapeutic effects of acupuncture in rheumatoid arthritis are associated with centromere protein F expression

Weitao Dong, Bin Wang, Rongchao Zhang, Junyi Cao, Rong Wu
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Page 47-54

Severity of disease and the quality of life indexes in infants with atopic dermatitis

Seda Şirin Köse, Zülfikar Akelma, Serap Özmen
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Page 55-61

PLCE1 alleviates lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury by inhibiting PKC and NF-κB signaling pathways

Xianpeng Qiu, Jijun Chen, Jinsong Li, Linyan Pan
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Page 71-76

Allergy clinic patients’ drug hypersensitivity

Karolina Frachowicz-Guerreiro, Aleksandra Wardzyńska, Marek L. Kowalski
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Page 77-84

Survey of immunopharmacological effects of botulinum toxin in cell signaling of bronchial smooth muscle cells in allergic asthma

Chao Cheng, Entezar Mehrabi Nasab, Seyyed Shamsadin Athari
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Page 93-100

Knockdown of EPSTI1 alleviates lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory injury through regulation of NF-κB signaling in a cellular pneumonia model

Adilijiang Kari, Zhihua M, Zhayidan Aili, Ayinuerguli Adili, Nadire Hairula, Abulaiti Abuduhaer
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Page 106-112

PTPRO activates TLR4/NF-κB signaling to intensify lipopolysaccharide-induced pneumonia cell injury

Yao Chen, Buming Sun
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The comparative effect of Leukotriene receptor antagonist add on therapy and step up inhaled Corticosteroid in partially controlled asthma: An open-labeled randomized controlled trial

Parinya Ruenwilai, Theerakorn Theerakittikul, Warawut Chaiwong, Nittaya Phetsuk, Chaicharn Pothirat, Chalerm Liwsrisakun
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Page 125-131

Mechanism of Rhizoma Coptidis in epilepsy with network pharmacology

Dan Huang, Yan Lv, Chuansen Lu, Bo Zhang, Zongjun Fu, Yingliu Huang
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Page 138-150

Review Article

Systematic review and meta-analysis of probiotics in the treatment of allergic rhinitis

Shuiping Yan, Si Ai, Lizhen Huang, Caixia Qiu, Fangting Zhang, Ningxin He, Xiangli Zhuang, Jian Zheng
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Page 24-37

Easy approach to detect cell immunity to COVID vaccines in common variable immunodeficiency patients

Yvelise Barrios, Andrés Franco, Cristina Alava-Cruz, Ricardo Cuesta-Martin, Carmen Camara, Victor Matheu
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Page 101-105