Published: 1970-01-01

Original Articles

Comparison of methemoglobin levels in food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome and other gastrointestinal diseases in neonates

Eishi Makita, Sae Kuroda, Hiroaki Sato, Kae Itabashi, Atsuko Kawano, Misa Matsuura, Yohei Sugiyama, Daisuke Sugawara, Asami Maruyama, Ko Ichihashi
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Page 490-495

Serum sickness-like reactions in Iranian children: a registry-based study in a referral center

Azam Mohsenzadeh, Masoud Movahedi, Mohammad Saatchi, Nima Parvaneh, Mansoureh Shariat, Asghar Aghamohammadi, Mohammad Gharagozlou
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Page 424-429

Evaluation of miR-196a2 expression and Annexin A1 level in children with bronchial asthma Evaluation of miR-196a2 expression and Annexin A1 level in children

A.A. Ibrahim, A. Ramadan, A.A. Wahby, I.H. Draz, N.R. El Baroudy, T.A. Abdel Hamid
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Page 458-464

Serum osteoprotegerin levels in school-aged children with asthma

Hikmet Tekin Nacaroglu, Övgü Büke, Özlem Bostan Gayret, Meltem Erol, Oguzhan Zengi
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Page 484-489

Divergent trends in the prevalence of asthma-like symptoms and asthma in a developing country: three repeated surveys between 2002 and 2016

E. Vlaski, K. Stavrikj, M. Kimovska, V.C. Cholakovska, J.A. Lawson
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Page 475-483

The MEFV gene and its association with familial Mediterranean fever, severe atopy, and recurrent respiratory tract infections

M.H. Celiksoy, C. Dogan, B. Erturk, E. Keskin, B.S. Ada
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Page 430-440

Network pharmacology-based study of the protective mechanism of conciliatory anti-allergic decoction on asthma

Xiaobo Xuan, Ziyan Sun, Chenhuan Yu, Jian Chen, Mei Chen, Qili Wang, Lan Li
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Page 441-449

Asthma, allergic sensitization and lung function in sickle cell disease

Andrea Angel, Gustavo Falbo Wandalsen, Dirceu Solé, Fernanda C. Lanza, Carolina L.N. Cobra, Cintia Johnston, Josefina Aparecida Pellegrini Braga
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Page 450-457

An age-adjusted instruction video enhances the correct use of nasal corticosteroid sprays in children

Susanne ter Laak, Iris Lucas, Juliët Oude Nijeweeme, Lara van Ravenstein, Kim de Jong, Corine Rollema, Tjalling de Vries
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Page 465-468

Predictors for the prescription of albuterol in infants hospitalized for viral bronchiolitis

S.M. Pina-Hincapie, M.P. Sossa-Briceno, C.E. Rodriguez-Martinez
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Page 469-474

Allergy to beta-lactam antibiotics in children: Risk factors for a positive diagnostic work-up

E. Dias de Castro, F. Carolino, L. Carneiro-Leão, J. Barbosa, L. Ribeiro, J.R. Cernadas
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Page 417-423


Review Article

Road toward rapid-molecular point of care test to detect novel SARS-coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19): Review from updated literature

S. Ahmad, N. Ali, M. Kausar, H. Misbah, A. Wahid
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Page 518-520

BCG as a game-changer to prevent the infection and severity of COVID-19 pandemic?

A.R. Sharma, G. Batra, M. Kumar, A. Mishra, R. Singla, A. Singh, R.S. Singh, B. Medhi
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Page 507-517

Point of View

COVID-19 and air pollution: A dangerous association?

M. Urrutia-Pereira, C.A. Mello-da-Silva, D. Solé
Abstract 126 | PDF Downloads 91

Page 496-499