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Asthma diagnosis in infants and preschool children: a systematic review of clinical guidelines

L. Moral, G. Vizmanos, J. Torres-Borrego, M. Praena-Crespo, M. Tortajada-Girbés, F.J. Pellegrini, Ó. Asensio
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Page 107-121

Prevalence of recurrent wheezing during the first year of life in Setúbal district, Portugal

Cláudio D’Elia, Javier Mallol, Dirceu Solé
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Anaphylaxis to beta-lactam antibiotics at pediatric age: Six-year survey

J. Azevedo, Â. Gaspar, I. Mota, F. Benito-Garcia, M. Alves-Correia, M. Chambel, M. Morais-Almeida
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Page 128-132

Successful oral desensitization in children with cow’s milk anaphylaxis: Clinical and laboratory evaluation up to nine-years follow-up

M. Alves-Correia, Â. Gaspar, L.-M. Borrego, J. Azevedo, C. Martins, M. Morais-Almeida
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Page 133-140

Microdeletion 22q11.2 syndrome: Does thymus incidental surgical resection affect its immunological profile?

E.M. Navarrete-Rodríguez, B.E. Del-Rio-Navarro, D.E. García-Fajardo, G.J. Baay-Guzmán, S.E. Espinosa-Padilla, E.A. Medina-Torres, N.I. Moguel-Molina, M. Sánchez-Curiel-Loyo, N. Nájera-Martínez, J. Navarro-Munguía, N. Reyes-Noriega, N.A. Balderrábano-Saucedo, R. Sánchez-Urbina, C. García Delgado, J.J.L. Sienra-Monge, V.F. Morán-Barroso
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Phenotyping and long-term follow up of patients with hyper IgE syndrome

S. Alyasin, H. Esmaeilzadeh, N. Ebrahimi, S.H. Nabavizadeh, S. Kashef, E. Esmaeilzadeh, M. Babaei, R. Amin
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Page 152-158

Association of M470V polymorphism of CFTR gene with variability of clinical expression of asthma: Case-report study

Imen Wahabi, Sondess Hadj Fredj, Malek Nefzi, Rym Dabboubi, Hajer Siala, Fatma Khalsi, Khedija Bousetta, Taieb Messaoud
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Focus group parental opinions regarding treatment with topical corticosteroids on children with atopic dermatitis

S. Veenje, H. Osinga, I. Antonescu, B. Bos, T.W. de Vries
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Page 166-171

The profile of IL-4, IL-5, IL-10 and GATA3 in patients with LRBA deficiency and CVID with no known monogenic disease: Association with disease severity

G. Azizi, Y. Bagheri, R. Yazdani, M. Zaki-Dizaji, M. Jamee, F. Jadidi-Niaragh, A.N. Kamali, H. Abolhassani, A. Aghamohammadi
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Page 172-178

Osteoprotegerin mediate RANK/RANKL signaling inhibition eases asthma inflammatory reaction by affecting the survival and function of dendritic cells

X. Yang, X. Wang, M. Chi, M. Zhang, H. Shan, Q.-H. Zhang, J. Zhang, J. Shi, J.-Z. Zhang, R.-M. Wu, Y.-L. Li
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Page 179-184

Anti-inflammatory and anti-remodeling effects of myrtenol in the lungs of asthmatic rats: Histopathological and biochemical findings

M.A. Bejeshk, M. Samareh Fekri, H. Najafipour, F. Rostamzadeh, E. Jafari, M.A. Rajizadeh, Y. Masoumi-Ardakani
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Luis Garcia-Marcos
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Review Article

Current therapeutic paradigm in pediatric atopic dermatitis: Practical guidance from a national expert panel

A. Chiricozzi, A. Belloni Fortina, E. Galli, G. Girolomoni, I. Neri, G. Ricci, M. Romanelli, D. Peroni
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Page 194-206