Phadiatop, Phadiatop Infant and total IgE evaluated in allergic Brazilian children and adolescents

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Felipe Faria Pierotti
Carolina Sanchez Aranda
Renata Rodrigues Cocco
Emanuel Sarinho
Flávio Sano
Arnaldo Porto
Nelson Rosário
Herberto José Chong Neto
Ekaterini Goudouris
Lilian Sanches Moraes
Neusa Falbo Wandalsen
Márcia Carvalho Mallozi
Antônio Carlos Pastorino
Jackeline Motta Franco
Maria Letícia Chavarria
Magnus P. Borres
Dirceu Solé


Child, Hypersensitivity, Immunoglobulin E, Allergens, Screening tests


The clinical history is of importance in the investigation of allergic diseases but does have limitations. Many allergic conditions will be over-diagnosed if anamnesis alone is used for diagnostic criteria. Serum total immunoglobulin E (TIgE) quantification, as well as panels containing allergens prevalent in the studied population, may serve as screening tests and facilitate the diagnosis of allergic disease or its exclusion. We assessed the positivity of two versions of these tests, Phadiatop Europe® (PhEU) and Phadiatop Infant® (PhInf), as well as total IgE (TigE) values in patients with a medical diagnosis of allergic disease and non-allergic individuals.

Methods: A cross-sectional study performed in eleven Brazilian pediatric allergy centers with patients divided into groups according to the primary condition and a group of assessed control subjects. They were submitted to TIgE measurement and screening tests (PhEu and PhInf).

Results: TIgE mean serum levels were significantly higher among allergic patients, especially those with asthma/rhinitis or atopic dermatitis. The positivity of the screening tests, considering the total population, was 63.8% for PhEU and 72.6% for PhInf. These increased when we evaluated only the allergic subjects. The concordance index of the two tests was Kappa = 0.7 and higher among those of greater age.

Conclusions: In the assessed population, there were significantly higher levels among those with positive screening tests and PhInf showed better performance in the identification of sensitized individuals, regardless of age. This is the first study to evaluate Phadiatop and Phadiatop Infant in the same population.

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