The frequency of cross-reactivity with various avian eggs among children with hen’s egg allergy using skin prick test results: fewer sensitizations with pigeon and goose egg

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Mozhgan Moghtaderi
Seyed Hesamedin Nabavizadeh
Saeed Hosseini Teshnizi


SPT, Cross-reactivity, Hen’s egg, Chicken, Hypersensitivity, Allergen


Introduction and objectives: A high rate of cross-reactivity has been reported between the specific proteins of hen’s egg with proteins of various avian eggs by quantitative immunoelectrophoretic techniques. The aim of this study was to assess the clinical cross-reactivity of different birds′ eggs in children with hen’s egg allergy based on skin prick test results.

Material and methods: This cross-sectional study enrolled 52 infants with hen’s egg allergy and 52 healthy infants with no history of food allergy from October 2018 to April 2019. Skin prick tests were performed in both patient and control groups with fresh extract of white and yolk related to pigeon, duck, goose, turkey, quail, and partridge.

Results: Fifty (96.1%) children with hen’s egg allergy showed positive sensitization to at least one of the avian eggs. The most frequent positive skin tests were related to quail’s white (36 = 69.2%) followed by duck’s white (34 = 65.5%), and sensitization was the least frequent in pigeon’s yolk (23 = 44.2%). Skin tests of the control group were negative to all the tested extracts.

Conclusion: Because of fewer sensitizations to some avian eggs, further research should clarify starting oral immunotherapy with the yolk of goose and pigeon in children with hen’s egg allergy.

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